How it works

HelpAngel is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform. It’s beneficial for HelpAngel users to work together and to help each other. This significantly saves time needed for fundraising.

Campaign promotion
Author promotes the campaign he/she have initiated

Accelerated fundraising
The everyday amount of donations (J-Price) increases from day to day

Campaign closure
Authors take the money regardless of whether they reached their fundraising target or not

Campaign launching
Author initiates a fundraising campaign

Affiliate program
Campaigns are promoted by other users – affiliate program participants (partners)

Power-up from other campaigns
Campaigns receive funds from other campaigns that have already achieved their target donations

Help for new campaigns
After a fundraising has been completed, the campaign continues to run and helps to raise funds for new campaigns that match most closely in terms of content

How does HelpAngel differ from other crowdfunding platforms?

Classic crowdfunding is made up of three stages:

  • First, authors initiate campaigns;
  • They then promote their campaigns and search for backers independently;
  • Finally, when the required sum has been raised, they take the money.

This scheme has proven itself to be effective, but fundraising in this manner can drag on and on, or ultimately might not be successful at all.

In comparison to the traditional approach, campaign promotion on HelpAngel is undertaken more by partners than by authors. There are a lot of professional marketing specialists between the mentioned partners. And all of them have  valuable experience in searching for backers. The joint efforts of all the platform’s users bring an exponential growth of contributions with a minimum of time required for fundraising.

The HelpAngel process looks like this:

  • Authors initiate campaigns;
  • Authors promote their campaigns;
  • Campaigns are promoted by other HelpAngel users;
  • The everyday amount of contributions (J-Price) given to campaigns increases continuously;
  • Campaigns are funded by similar campaigns that have already reached their fundraising target;
  • Authors take the money.

On HelpAngel, authors don’t even have to promote their campaigns. Our site allows everybody to focus on their own role – authors generate ideas and create campaigns and partners find donors.

Part of contributions will be transferred directly to savings account of campaigns. Another part will be used to promote campaigns and to provide new donors. Therefore, all raised funds will work for the good of campaigns.

Thanks to HelpAngel’s inherent viral mechanisms, the amounts contributed to campaigns increase on a daily basis. Campaigns also receive significant contributions from other campaigns that have already reached their fundraising targets but continue to run and to help other similar campaigns.

After the fundraising target has been reached, the author takes the money. In comparison to other platforms, our authors take money even if their campaigns failed to reach their fundraising targets.

Do you need money for medical treatment or education, to start a business or to hold a cultural event? Use the step-by-step guide and create a campaign on HelpAngel. If your campaign is popular, it will attract hundreds and thousands of community partners to participate in fundraising. It is beneficial to help each other, therefore our partners are just as interested in the promotion of your campaign as you are.

Are you looking for some extra income or want to gain financial independence? Familiarise yourself with our guide, choose few campaigns and start to support them. You will help people while earning stable income.

On HelpAngel we turn ideas into reality. In all of this, we are guided by the principles of mutual aid and mutual gain. Therefore we have no competitors.

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